Web Development

Your web application needs to meet the expectations of users who are used to using only the best. That’s why your application needs to be made by an experienced and professional web development firm.


At the very least, a respectable application is powerful enough to provide useful functions, has a design attractive enough to pique interest and a user interface that’s simple enough to be intuitive. And as if that wasn’t enough, those applications have to be made to work within several limitations, from server capabilities to users’ internet speeds to development budgets.

For an inexperienced web developer, that means that any application could potentially go wrong in any one of these ways.

At Genetech Solutions, we know from our experience what goes into a great application. We’ve created several applications with professional, practical designs that run light on both the client and server sides. Our developers understand that our clients want the same sort of development that services like Facebook and Twitter use. Our designers know what goes into making the beautiful yet functionally practical designs in applications that are so critical in making an application successful.

Whether you want to provide entire business tools for use on the web, or just want a forum on your site, we’ll create for you an application that we know you’ll be pleased with. Each project starts with a conversation so we know exactly what you want. We’ll then work to meet and exceed those requirements. By putting every application we make through our thorough QA process, we ensure that you’ll get an application that’s bug-free and easy to use.

There are multiple technologies out there that can be used for web based applications. Rather than specializing in any one technology, we have experience in almost every major application. We know that each technology has its own advantages and limitations, so we use the technology that works best for each application. We have extensive experience in HTML5, PHP, .NET, SQL, and many other widely used, proven technologies.

Depending on what you’re planning to develop, you might want you application to be accompanied by other projects, such as a smartphone app. At Genetech, we provide mobile apps along with other services, meaning that your entire project can be done with us, without involving other companies for different parts.


Technologies We Use...!!


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